My First Post

This is my first post.

And I think I should focus this post towards who am I and what are my goals to write this blog!!

Ok, First thing first.

I am an Indian guy, studied from not the top but decent college. I have completed my engineering in Computer Science and currently working with the Fortune 500 Multi National Company. I have 3 years of work experience and counting + .

After graduation, I was preparing for my MBA when I got my joining letter. I was standing on a 2 way cross-road, so I chose to go for work experience and some market exposure before going for a MBA.

I gave my interview at Pune and got trained in Chennai and now working in Calcutta. So I believe that I have covered India from North to South and now in East. Its time to go abroad. 😀

Ok, so the main idea is: I am preparing for GMAT and I have joined a 60 day e-schedule from Beat the Gmat. I am writing this blog to stand myself responsible, to keep track of how I am moving forward and to help others who are walking on the same road with me.

I usually don’t write and I believe that my English Vocabulary is also not so good, so writing blogs will help me to write more, to understand more and to learn more. A win-win situation. And I hope, the readers will also get some benefit from this and will help them against some major problems they face while preparing for MBA.

I will be posting some problems that I faced, and I will be posting my experience. If you got the solution or problem with the content, feel free to comment.

Happy Reading!!


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