Before my first GMATPrep

Before taking GMAT prep exam for the first time, I had gone through few important posts on various forums like GMATClub and Beat The GMAT. I started to note the following points to understand the GMAT:

  1. Read about GMAT on
  2. Read the structure of GMAT, looking for various sample test papers and various blogs giving information about the timing strategy.
  3. Read about the pattern of the gmat and its 4 components (AWA, IR, Quant, Verbal).
  4. When I want to apply to the University (Spring / Fall).
  5. Which Universities are there within and outside country, that accepts GMAT Score
  6. What are my short term (5 yr) and long term (10-15 yr) goals.
  7. Which university curriculum gives best output of my abilities and interests.
  8. The GMAT score I want to get admission into my selected University (write exact numbers and print and paste it in your study room).
  9. How much time I need to spend on weekdays and weekends to get to my target score (it might vary according to your profession and work schedule).
  10. My target date to take the GMAT (take one big calendar or make on in excel and mark your target date)
  11. Will there be enough time after GMAT so that I can contribute my best for Application and Admission process.
  12. Useful resources I need to complete my GMAT journey.
  13. Try to take Diagnostic before GMATPrep because it is not timed and you can check your week areas before starting the study process.

After going through all these points (not much deeper at start but to know well about GMAT), it really becomes easy to move in one direction towards cracking the GMAT.

*These are not the complete questions but just an initial overview of oneself. As you move ahead with the process., you will get to know more about yourself which will help you in writing application essays as well.

New Ideas are welcome.

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