How it started-Part 1- First GMATPrep & tools.

I have taken my first GMAT prep on 26th February. The first score always becomes a surprise as we sometimes have over confidence being from engineering background. I also thought of scoring 600+ (at-least.) but was disappointed.

I managed a score of 540 (Q22, V22, IR6) and really struggled with time to complete the exam. It was tough to complete the exam on time as i had spent more time on few questions and made few silly mistakes which brought my score down.

This score made me think that I have to study much more and I have to work hard to get a 700+ score.

After completing the exam, the time comes to pace the weak area and to study the basics of the Math & Verbal. As I had a subscription of the 60-day study guide from Beat the GMAT, I started with day 4.

The material needed are Official Guide for GMAT, 13th Edition and Manhattan GMAT 8-Study Guides, 5th Edition.

Though I am a working professional, I was not able to keep the pace with the study schedule and it was getting difficult for me to study daily after working for 10-12 hours. Sometimes I managed to solve mare 10 questions in a day and sometimes I was able to solve 20-30 questions. So the study was fluctuating as so was my study chart. I had created a study chart to keep track of the number of questions I solve for each section per week and a graph on the basis of that data.




Then I studied for next 19 days for Quantitative section, checking all the basics and practicing all the questions from Official Guide as well as Manhattan GMAT Guides for Problem Solving and Decision Making.

I will be sharing my further journey in my next post.

Keep Writing. Keep Sharing!!

Find Part 2 here.

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