First MGMAT reviewed, processed, cooked

It was my first Manhattan GMAT exam. I went through all the instructions carefully. I was not aware that the section details comes within the timeframe of the exam. Ok. New Experience!!

Selected 75 minutes for both Quantitative and Verbal as I do not want to take the exam lightly. I must practice the exam and complete it within the time frame similar to that of GMAT. 

Gyan: The CAT exams must have the equal amount of time to that of GMAT for all the sections, this will help you to check your pace and the amount of stress you can handle.

I took this exam without AWA and IR. I started with good a pace but ended up wasting time in few of the questions. I Answered last 11 questions of quant in just 10 minutes and most of them were answered incorrectly. :\

In verbal, I did well with time but continuous 7 wrong answers took away the score from me and the %ile dropped sharply.

The score of this exam is as below:


Quant score is 41 and verbal is quite low 28. The math section in Manhattan is very hard as I saw around 20-22 questions with 700-800 difficulty level. And I also made a few mistakes at very starting of the exam, this got reflected in the score.

I should not make the mistakes at least in first 10 questions of GMAT!!

During review, I found few errors which are very easy to avoid during final GMAT. Some Gyan on Quant:

  1. Given that x is a +ve number, do not consider it as an integer. It is a positive number but it can be a non-integer too.
  2. When any 2 objects (normally car/train) move towards each other, the distance between them decreases at the rate of sum of the speed of both the objects. For Example: if 2 trains, with the speed of 10 mph and 15 mph, are moving towards each other, then the distance between them decreases at the rate of 25 mph.
  3. If Numerator/Denominator is even then that means Numerator is even.
  4. For a set X containing n integers, the mean equals the sum of integers (s) divided by the number of integers (n). If s is odd, the mean cannot be even. If s is even then the mean of set X can be even/odd.

And some Gyan on Verbal:

  1. Had said‘ is past perfect, cannot use it for simple past event.
  2. Always take care of the use of ‘s’ for singular and plural subjects. Like grow for plural/grows for singular
  3. Use ‘Thought to be‘ instead of ‘Thought of as being‘ (it is wordy). Correct idiom is ‘thought to be
  4.  “That” is used only with essential modifiers and is not separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma. “Which” is used when introducing non-essential modifiers and these modifiers are separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma.
  5. Two independent clauses must be connected either by a conjunction, such as ‘and‘ or ‘but,‘ or by a semicolon.
  6. Difference between may actually increase and actually increases. Removal of may increases the strength of the effect. So be careful in this type of SC question.

I hope avoiding these mistakes and following this Gyan could help you get a better score on GMAT.

Phew.. Lots of mistakes, a lot to learn, a lot to recover.



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