How it started-Part 2- Post Quant

This is part 2 of How it started.

You can find Part 1 here.

I did complete quant but consumed a lot of time because i was busy with some client deliverables. Because of that, office was over charged with lots of extra time to be spent on issues and solving them.

While studying quant I have realised that few questions are very easy to tackle with some small tricks. Like remembering squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots, and some basic formulas.

The GMAT exam is not about what have you studied for the preparation but it’s about your ability to apply some basic and useful steps in general management scenarios. After all you are studying to become an Manager.

To practice with the pace its obvious we need to keep track of the time of each question and average time we spend on each question. If you want to track your speed for each section and want to know your pace, you can use the GMAT timer which can give you more specific details section wise and it is perfect to use while practicing. I have also used a Snap Timer which a small and easy to use application for desktop but it is just a timer.

After completing quant, retook my GMATPrep (in between I have to format my machine so I lost my previous result). And shockingly it was 530 (10 points below from previous score)


But my Quantitative score was increased from 22 to 46. That is a positive point.

So Now I really have to work on my Verbal. I have already completed SC and CR portion of the verbal and completed questions of Official Guide for Verbal, 2nd Edition and Official Guide for GMAT, 13th Edition for SC and CR. I will complete RC study portion within 2-3 days and will be posting my further progress.



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