Killer MGMAT 2

It was not a holiday for me and I had a scheduled Manhattan GMAT 2nd CAT exam.
I had taken my previous exam without AWA & IR, so I thought of taking it with AWA & IR this time. I wanted to know the exam environment and my stress level during these exams.
I did my last exam review and was confident that I wont be making those mistake this time.
So it was 9:30 AM in the morning when I started my exam. First an essay. It was awa about art and music therapy against expensive drug treatments. I took a paper and wrote the main points that I wanted to include in the passage. I wrote 4 paragraphs about the argument and explained the prompt and situation. It took me 25 minutes to write the complete awa. (My typing speed is fast as I am a software engineer) *do practice on keyboard to increase typing speed. It takes a lot of time to think and then to type.

As soon as I hit confirm… Ooooooooo……What the…… Connection lost ….. and No Connection error. And when I refreshed the page, everything vanished. And timer of 30 minutes started again.

Very bad start.

Ok. I skipped the section to save time and went to the next section IR.
It took me 30 minutes to complete 10 questions. Rest 2 were attempted in a hurry to complete the section. Few questions were presented with big tables but easy to tackle.
*do not get stuck on one question. It will consume time for two and you have to guess and go at the end.

Hmmm. Took a long breath and had some juice and chips.

Then started quant section. It started with few tough questions. Indicates that I was doing well but as time passed I started getting question with less difficulty that indicates I answered few questions incorrectly in between.

I was half way when I got the next problem. GUESTS. I had to pause the exam for a about half an hour. After that break I was not able to focus on the exam and with less concentration, I completed the rest of my section. It took me long and I was not able to complete all the questions in time. So guessed last 5-6 questions. I also got 3-4 difficult probability questions ( my weak point). Screwed. A bad day.

Though I knew that this will get reflected in my score, I took a break of complete 8 minutes and went out for some fresh air. As Quant will not reflect my correct score, I went on for my verbal section.

Starting with verbal and everything was going fine till 1/3 rd of the exam when my phone thought of throwing one party . Office calls. They have privilege to call you any time (day/ night, sleeping/bathing). Some how completed the verbal section but this CAT was completely screwed. Was not thinking much but already had a plan to take my next CAT in some corner of my head.

Submitted exam with no interest to see the results. :\

The result was same as previous 570. But…wait… Quant -3 and Verbal +2.  Does this makes any sense!!

Dont know… Looking forward to my next exam…. With room locked and Mobile Switched off.. 😡



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