VPR: Veritas Prep Review

Yo!! Taken the Veritas prep, and it was nice to see an increase in score. 🙂

I have completed it on time. I think it was easier than MGMAT. Score was:

Few Takeaways: Quant:

  1. Perimeter of a triangle with side a = a + a + a_/2
  2. Reduction in % is sufficient to calculate the target in %.
  3. Assume total occurrence + non-occurrence of an event as 1.
  4. Slopes of 2 perpendicular lines are -ve reciprocals.
  5. Need more practice on Data Sufficiency

Few Takeaways: Verbal:

  1. Check the use of comma.
  2. When ‘greater‘ is used, things are already compared. No need to use ‘compare‘ word again.
  3. An alternative reason given for something brings the conclusion in doubt.
  4. Need to indulge more into Passages.

My whiteboard forces me daily to complete the tasks that are written on it. Nice board!! Helps me keep on track.



4 thoughts on “VPR: Veritas Prep Review

    • Yes, I agree. The VP exam was not so tough and I was not feeling the difficulty level like that of MGMAT. Well, it was just to solve some stuff. But not a serious score.
      I saw your 6 essential resources. Is magoosh providing a good support? The Economist’s Online GMAT is way too expensive. I will not go for it, definitely.


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