Outch..It hurts..

It was a bad day again, or I would say a good day with some bad time.

I took my MGMAT #3 today and ended up with a hurtful Score. It was just.. just.. 550 (Q40, V27).  – 20 from the previous result.

A +2 for Quant but a -3 for Verbal. I am completely out of clue about the results. Initially I thought there is some problem with the software, but no. How could that happen!!

It was a disappointing score with a decrease in performance. May be I need some rest from continuous studies.

After review of few problems. I realised few mistakes in my strategy. I definitely need to clear those mistakes.

What went Wrong: Quant
  1. In DS, solved the question for Statement A. When I did not get the answer, I ran-on to solve for both the statements, instead of solving it only for B.
  2. Did not assumed values: When no value is given for variables, assume some values and plug them into the answer choices to get the correct answer.
  3. Simplify the equations given.
  4. Do not solve in mind. Put your thought equation on paper and then solve them.
  5. +/- matters in square values not in cubes.
  6. Small calculation mistake, changed my next question.
  7. No time left for last 2-3 questions. Improve and do not spend more than 3 minutes on a question if you are stuck somewhere.
  8. Need to learn Divisibility rules and Standard deviation.
What went Wrong: Verbal
  1. Did not check the meaning of the sentence.
  2. Hypothetical subjunctive… So the use of ‘were’ instead of ‘was’.
  3. Did not check the parallelism correctly.
  4. Management is a singular word, so do not use ‘their’.
  5. Most of the CR questions were wrong, need to look back to the CR strategy.
  6. Most of the  RC questions were right this time, but took more time to read the passage, need a check at the reading time.
  7. Completed last 10 questions in 10 minutes. 

PS: Learn Standard deviation, Divisibility rule and Probability, Need to check the Pace of reading in RC and check CR strategy.



2 thoughts on “Outch..It hurts..

  1. It’s great that you have been making these lists to monitor your progress and assess your weaknesses after every practice test. I usually tend to just go through the ones I missed and make general conclusions about what I should focus on more, but I like your strategy alot better!!

    I used the MGMAT CR guide to improve my CR score tremendously. I went from getting about 80% of them wrong to maybe missing 1 or 2.


    • Thanks texaswannabecali,
      Yes.. this strategy helps going deep & exploring the mistakes, to capture the minute errors. I am just keeping track of my off target solutions and performance.

      I have also used CR guide of Manhattan and i have improved my CR score in my previous exam. I don’t know what went wrong in this one!!
      Well, I will be looking forward to complete the PS portion of this post. Lets see how far is the success. 🙂
      ~Be well.


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