Drinks Break on Marathon

Last 3-4 weeks are going like running in a marathon. Consuming every possible information and saving it to the infinite TB of my brain. My hard-disk is revolving like Shaktimaan(an indian superhero). I have taken my CAT exams in past few days but I did not get any +ve results, just because I am studying break-free since last 2-3 weeks. Gotcha!!

I need a break…. Definately.

Time to shift focus from GMAT hard-core studies to resume preparation and University research work. I believe that will help me out (somehow).

Today, I revised complete Number theory. I found GMAT Club Math book a very good resource for revision purpose. I will be keeping it on my desktop for next 2 weeks. I learned a few new techniques in Fractions and others, I hope they will click in my mind during the Armageddon.

Well after some brainstorming or i would say storming-brain, it was not possible to sit and break the head on computer screen. Obviously I was in an urgent need to have rest and consume some fresh air. I went for an evening run of 2 KM and had juice after that, that was a feeling like WOW. And filled me with a new energy. That gave a thought to start my resume preparation. I was looking for few resources and found some of them as follows:

  1. Stacy Blackman Consulting
  2. Accepted
  3. GMAT Club
  4. Beat the GMAT
  5. Admissionando
  6. mbaMission

I have to dig out things out of these to create my resume. Will be sharing more details soon.

Stay Strong!! Keep rocking!!  😉



2 thoughts on “Drinks Break on Marathon

  1. The resume is actually the easy part since it’s mostly all just facts! I guess my biggest takeaway was make sure that all your progress at work is supported by hard, numerical facts. As a very technical software engineer, I found this immensely hard to do initially, but I soon got my head around it.

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    • Hmmm.. Actually being a software engineer, I am also finding it difficult to write down the accomplishments in numbers, but I think the achievements I have are more like ‘team handling’ and major task completions other than coding. It will be tricky!! 😎


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