It was a cool rainy day, with more to accomplish less to relinquish.

Yesterday I focused on Number theory and some info on resume. Find it here. Moving forward, today I focused on some basics of Quant and Verbal.

I did some basics review of Factorials, Absolute Values and Algebra Equations.  The formula of the day was to get the number of trailing 0’s in a product or in a factorial. It was nice to learn that new formula. You can get it here.

I solved some Reading Comprehension problems also. Learned how to identify the wrong answers. It is a good technique. The most useful is to make your skeleton of RC of argument and then identify the question type. That will save much of your time.

I also checked my CR strategy giving a quick look at the Manhattan CR Guide.

In my last Manhattan CAT, the wrong answers from CR were:

  1. Describe the Role (1/1)
  2. Draw a Conclusion (3/3)
  3. Evaluate the Argument (1/1)
  4. Explain the Discrepancy (1/2)
  5. Find the Assumption (1/1)
  6. Provide an Example (1/1)
  7. Strengthen the Argument (1/2)
  8. Weaken the Argument (1/3)

Yes, it was shocking but this score forced me to learn CR with a fresh mind. Now I am feeling more equipped with CR. 🙂

During some research I was thinking that, how will it be to check your complete journey and schedule on a single timeline. Then I found this software called MyTimeline. It is a very nice software to keep track of all the current and future events as a timeline. You can even set the remainders for tasks. It helps to check your past, current and future tasks on a single window.

Apart from GMAT, I researched for some University list too. I will be sharing  it soon.



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