MBA Because


Today, while going around some university webpages, a question came to my mind. Why I am doing this? The question which strikes everyones mind sometime, somewhere. It striked me 2-3 time, so thought of writing it down.

I have a good job, salary, family, friends, environment, a recent promotion. Then why MBA?

Ok lets go to the past first. My father was a Senior manager in a multinational bank. He used to wake up in morning and leave for the office by 8:30 AM something. He worked at very different locations with most flexibility. When I was in my early school days, I used to visit him in his office (during my holidays) and try to understand that what type of work he does in his office. I used to roam around in office and check every clerk, managers, office boys to see what type of work they do, how they manage the financial work, how can I help them.

During my under-graduation, I always used to look around for some managerial activities happening in my surroundings. I used to search for opportunities which could be managed by me. Sometimes, I used to dress up like managers and go to lectures halls. Finally I served as a chief of cultural at my college.

During my current job, my habit of checking the management did not go away. Instead of being the hard core coder and reaching the milestone of best coder of the company (that is not possible at initial stage) or best coder of the century (some people liked coding much that they skipped their honeymoon for the code issues, very strange), **Though I was promoted to senior level a few weeks before, not for being the best coder but for being a good manager of thing what ever was assigned** I try to indulge myself in different activities that happen in my surroundings (like initiatives of database creation for the whole account or from managing the billability for the account or the initiative of being the lead of my team for mobile application development competition). I worked with my manager on many issues which he was dealing with.

I don’t know but somehow I love management. I love to take initiatives and new assignments related to management and complete them on time. Being at my current position, where i get most of my tasks as a coder, and most of my day goes for finding the issue, I don’t think this is what I want. No doubt that I will be a manager in next few years (6 years minimum), but that is a very long time to be at a position where I wanted to be. It cannot give me a career growth that I want.  And coding is also not my first love (Though I got promoted for Coding along with other tasks).

This thought gives me a reason of moving forward and answer to my question. Why MBA? and I answer it like “WHY NOT“. 🙂


Listen to your heart <3. It knows Everything.      – paulo coelho 


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