Productive Me: The Morning Mantra

An individual’s success depends upon his/her ability to be productive. Being productive means not to devote your maximum time to the task, but to get most out of your time that was spent on the task. It may be a day, an hour, a minute or a moment. Most of the creative people doesn’t spend 10s of hours on a thing and get the idea, but they generate the idea when they are most productive during the day, that is directly proportional to their success. The same funda is applied not only to creative people but to each and every one of us. Everyone had the best time once in their lifetime when they were most productive and got most out of their time they spent on something. From last few weeks, I am also trying to figure out the best time to study for me.

Experiments that I did to study and results:

  1. Waking up at 5:00 AM and studying —> Felt sleepy for around 1-2 hours. o_O
  2. Waking up at 6:00AM, than 30 min of exercise —> Best. Fealt very active. 😈 ➡ ⭐
  3. Waking up at 8:00 AM and study —> No mood to study till 10AM. :/
  4. Break free study(4 hrs continuous) and followed by 30min break —> Total brain loss & drained. 👿
  5. Studying till 12:00 AM —> Was productive but less than morning and also resulted in waking up late the next morning. 💡
  6. Studying at the park —> Just fun, no study. Distractive. 😕
  7. Studying at the rooftop —-> I love being at the rooftop. Was enjoying the wind instead of my books. 😀

I found that the best productive time for me is the Morning time. My brain is most active in morning to focus on the things I want to and during evening it becomes least active. Waking up at 6:00 AM, doing some exercise and then studying for next 4 hours with a break after every one hour is more productive. During this time, study table becomes my best companion. And having fruit juices adds some of the energy which I shell out during exercise and brain-discharge during studies. During other times, i was not completely focused on my task. And studying at the rooftop and at the park was completely waste of time.

Making a small experiment and finding the best time could be the break-through mantra for anyone, who wants best out of their time. Few things to focus upon:

  1. Try to change your schedule for a day and notice the change.
  2. Check when are you most busy during the whole day and when you did your best work.
  3. Ask your friends if they can tell you when the last time you were most active.
  4. Check the focus. If frequent break helps or long hours of study.
  5. Track your time and feelings. When you felt most productive, note that time and make a schedule accordingly.

So make a schedule for yourself today and get most out of your time.

Yes, it helps.



2 thoughts on “Productive Me: The Morning Mantra

  1. I agree about the 6 AM approach. Also would recommend that you start off with reviewing what you did yesterday. See if you can remember the key facts, the list of things, etc – review your notes, what you did wrong, and any questions that are still bothering you. Do a mini-review for 15 or so mins and then if you feel you did well and remembered things (not always the case with me – i often went and and reviewed the material again, esp if there were lists of rules, words, etc in SC that I had to memorize). Only then move on to the next day’s material. Better lose a day of studying but nail a section you don’t have to worry about – old GMAT Club wisdom 🙂

    Good luck!

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    • Thanks for that point BB. You are right. Sometimes, we don’t remember few points. That should not break the strategy. To pace that memorisation game, a revision approach could be helpful. Study and make some bullet points, then revise tomorrow (only bullet points), then increasing the gap between number of days with a geometric progression. That makes things memorable, specially with tricks of PS and SC. 🙂


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