Winter is Coming

Its very dark out tonight, with few resources of light. But I need to reach the destination somehow. Woods have a smell of winter already in its air. The nights are becoming colder and longer. The only source of heat is the chimney inside the house. Final destination is survival and reaching the Throne of Seven Kingdoms. The King’s Landing.

It seems, the story of my journey towards MBA admission is similar to that of Game of thrones. 😀 Sleepless nights, Tight schedule, a lot to learn, a lot to accomplish, very few days, with limited army, but the destination is the Kings landing the Campus and the Throne of the 7 kingdoms, a top B-School Admission.

These days, stepping out of the home feels colder as if Winter is Coming, and the AdCom as night-watchers will come with their weapons and super natural powers to destroy my army. The only difference is that, in Game of Thrones, they cannot write and get  the throne, they have to shed blood, here we need to read, write, perform and show the word that Yes YOU CAN!! The weapons are GMAT, Essays and recommendations.

Yes, I am sharpening my weapons, sharpening my sword, sharpening my skills day by day to win the throne (Obviously I won’t kill AdCom in my story 😛 ). But the negotiation would be done and Debt would be paid (not like lannisters :P) and the Throne would be mine.

And that needs a lot of ground work, kingdoms to be won and history to be written.

So, Lets do some ground work : Quick key points that I noticed during SC problems:

  1. When giving examples, use such as instead of like
  2. An adverb must be used to describe an adjective.
  3. “had been”  is used only when describing the earlier of two past actions.
  4. “which” is a relative pronoun, modifies the exact proceeding clause
  5. “although” indicates a change of direction
  6. “due to” can only be used to replacecaused by“, it can never be used to replace “because/because of”.
  7. “If” is used to indicate a condition or a future possibility, “Whether,” is used to indicate a choice or an alternative.
  8. “whether or not” is redundant use “whether

These are the small & frequent mistakes, that needs to be corrected. Otherwise they could become the cause for the bad score. By sharing these points here, I am not only making you aware of it but also keeping them in mind, that helps me the next time I sit for test. Ohh.. Yes the GAME. 😉

Few of my friends are done with this part and writing their applications. A best of luck to them. I hope they will win this game.

There are more than one thrones in this game but limited in number!! And the game has already begin with the availability of applications. The journey is tough and long but Victory is the only path towards the Throne!!

So, Be prepared because..






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