Keep running…

Phew!! A lot of work, tensions, questions, explanations, failures, assignments, understandings, supplements, answers, learnings, rebuilding concepts, juices, exercises, managements, thoughts, reasons, spirits, blessings, and finally a minute view of some sunlight in the darkest.

It always feels like a come back when writing my new thoughts and achievements. A cold deep breath when seeing an improved score on the screen. Exclamation comes like “YES!! Nailed” >:D.
It was a hectic month with over learning but in the end, only one take away: Its all about time!! Yes it is.

I was moving around 520-530 and was not moving forward. 43-48 was my Quant range… but verbal was just killing me from inside with the score range of 18-24. Finally I took my another practice test after so long and it was 690 (Q 48, V 34). I was happy to see an improvement in the score. And gulped in a dark chocolate scoop with that happiness. 😛

The best funda I learned is that just focus on the current question on the screen. Leave everything else behind.  For SCs, just few rules to check in the sentence. For CRs & RCs, just imagine the blur image of everything else apart from the computer screen. Start the question with a thinking as this is the only question you have to answer to win a $1M lottery, and forget the same in a fraction of time. Then just focus, focus, and focus. Create an image of the hole story in your mind. You know how neurons move in the body, you know how people lived in past, you know how planets move, you know how rocks settle beneath the earth. You have seen a lot of old, new and different videos. Its all about imagination. But, do not go deep in imagination and start imagining your Ferrari. 😀
Come back from there as soon as possible, keep the story in mind and hit the question. It will be quiet easy to answer.

Take your exam with free mind and it will not be a big deal. Oops. Its time to go back to the study table. I hope you all are doing good. Some of you would be writing essays and some of you would be studying.
Keep studying. Keep learning. Keep Running. All the best!!

The line between failure and success is so fine that we scarcely know when we pass it: so fine that we are often on the line and do not know it.  ~Elbert Hubbard

See you soon. 🙂


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