Again after an extensive study session, hard work and a lot of paper work, I took another practice test and this time it was 660. Breakup is Q 50, V 30. Well I am not totally disappointed with my score, I am not satisfied though. I was looking for a 700 but the score is moving like a slow movie of 1960s. Its 20+ from my last practice test which I took 3 days before.

The mistake I did again is taking my practice test in afternoon, the time I was feeling very sleepy and Reading Comprehension was looking like a boring Joker without a smiling face. The result was, I did 8 wrong on RC. From my next practice test, I will rehearse for the original.

The best of the test was the improvement on SC after a long practice. During the test, I did not find any difficulty to complete the Quant section. I completed it on time. In verbal I think I spent more time on RC and I guessed last 3. This gives me the hint that I need more concentration on RC. Another blunder was frequent wrongs, which lowered my score. Need to be super active during the test. I hope I will do well on my next practice test.

Apart from this, a lot is happening in office as well. My ongoing Assignment is over. I am in search of a new assignment but there is a low demand of my technology. I am looking hard for Business Analyst profile so that I get some knowledge before I get into MBA. I hope I will get one. Fingers Crossed.

Few of my blog friends are already in application and interview process. I wish you all the best. Make the best of it & Make me proud! 😉

I will update on my next score soon. Till then Take care and keep smiling. 🙂




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