Back to the School Ground

After so many confusing thoughts, I decided to write this post. I am yet to finalize the list of B-Schools I am applying to. For a background check, I have not taken GMAT yet(still not scoring up-to the mark. I still think I need more practice to crack RC passages), lowering my chances of admissions next year. I’m trying my best to handle this situation.



After a few months of research, I am over flowing with the information about the top B-schools. Every school claims its uniqueness in one or other way. And I think, expecting everything from b-schools (yes, it is important as it is a huge investment) is what makes me confused about the schools. As I want to move away from the coding and technical to Consulting side I believe I have a lot of choices around. I have many filters for the schools selection that will decide my final list.

First and foremost, looking at today’s scenario, I believe RoI (Return on Investment) is the most important thing to consider. With low RoI, the debt will be a huge burden as I think I will be getting married within a few years. 😛
Therefore, I will try to minimise my investment and maximise my chances for a better paying job (need a claver decision). I am not looking for any tech start-up in near future but I want to gain knowledge about the business keeping my long term goal in mind.

Considering a 2-year of time for an MBA, cost of living will also play its part in my school selection. I have saved a huge amount of money (as I thought) but after converting it to dollars I think that huge amount would be enough for my application part. 😀 Obviously, I have to fund my degree from some external sources, and this thing is forcing me to complete my MBA from my Country itself. I am looking for some scholarships and interest free loans (other sources are welcome). I have to carefully select the schools, where I really have a chance of selection, not a blind shot. And I have to give my best shot to each and every application.

I know how things are done in a tech industry. Moving from Technology to Consulting, after talking to few Business Analysts at senior level and a few consultants, I think I liked it and I am good to go. But talking about some big firms (McKinsey, Bain, Deloitte etc…) I am not pretty much sure, that what kind of work they do (Need some help on this).

As I am an engineer and not a finance guy, I would not like to get a degree in complete finance as core, but would like to learn about Innovation, Strategy, Consulting, General Management etc… I have to take into consideration my long term goal. I have to select an MBA program that can give me the best outcome!

Weather will not be a game changer in selecting the School in different regions. After living in North, South and East India, I think I can adjust at a place which is less suitable, but with a better opportunity.

Considering all the above filters and research I consolidated my list-1 as below:

  1. Kellog MMM
  2. Tepper
  3. McCombs
  4. Tuck
  5. Kenan-Flagler
  6. UCLA Anderson
  7. Darden
  8. Kelley
  9. Yale
  10. Rice
  11. Duke Fuqua
  12. NUS
  13. Schulinch

Ok!! This is the list, a long list*. It consist some of the best programs as well as some medium type. Now I have to make a more specific list of schools to move forward. Still a lot to know about these schools as endless information is there. Well, If you know anything about these, you can share it.

*I am creating a separate list for MBA programs offered within India.



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