Another Test Fire And School List Review

Today I took another GMATPREP test and scored 690 (Breakup: IR 5, Q 49, V 35). Another failed attempt to touch 700. By the time I finished my Quant section, I thought I would be touching 700 today, but as Verbal part initiated throwing confusing options, my confidence went from ups and downs and I ended up with an inch to 700. At middle of the verbal, I felt a bit bored by the questions, the reason I lost the concentration. Big hopes for the next one-on-one.

Apart from this, I spent considerable amount of time on school profiles and let go 3 schools from the list. I have gone through various filers as I mentioned in my last post. The list after some scrutiny came up as below:

  1. Kellog MMM (Exploring other programs too)
  2. Tepper
  3. McCombs (Getting more insights)
  4. Tuck  (@GMAT: 7oo+)
  5. Kenan-Flagler (Getting more insights)
  6. UCLA Anderson (@GMAT: 7oo+)
  7. Kelley
  8. Duke Fuqua
  9. NUS
  10. Schulich (India Program)

How I am doing research: I have downloaded the complete website on my computer and to the Microsoft Word, so that I can easily highlight the parts I liked about the school. I can take notes accordingly and then I can compare schools on different factors. It makes my task easy and visualize the program in a better way (its one of my hobbies to make things look better and easy to understand. 😀 ).

I have taken care of few delicate things, some factors that are important to me as a career changer. I am looking for a great architecture of the program which can cover small nuts and bolts to big machines (not looking for mechanics though), which can shape a meaningful output. I am looking for a mix of Strategy Consulting and Marketing (with toppings of Design and Innovation). I hope I am doing justice with my choices according to my ability and my mind set towards my goals. 😕



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