In search of 7_0

Finally, a score that I would like to see on the GMAT. 720!! Split 49, 40!!

9 wrong in quant and 8 in verbal. Though the score is good, the matter of concern is only RC. Out of 8 wrongs, 6 were from RC. Surprisingly, no wrong from SC. I was not feeling out of time in this mock. I completed my maths section on time, and completed my verbal section 10 minutes before the mark. And with the highest ever score in verbal and overall, this is the best performance in mock and I am looking forward to write the test provided my next score comes in-line. I used cotton buds this time to stop getting distracted from outside noise. I am not sure whether cotton buds would be allowed in real exam. :/

Apart from that, I was assigned a new project a few days before and it has more work than my previous assignment. My bad, but I want to concentrate on GMAT for now. Lets see if I can manage to balance between work and study. I need a super time management this time.

Many school results are out. Congratulations to all the applicants who got admitted. I will have a dedicated post for you people. 🙂



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