They won it!

Its been a busy month for all, since few of my friends got admitted who were waiting eagerly for the admissions decision and few are still fighting for the gmat (this group includes me as well).

Congratulations to Vandana, NaijaMBAgal, TopDogMBA, GrantMeAdmission, under prescription and others (sorry, if I missed someone. Please make your presence by comment. 😉 ) for getting admitted into top B-Schools. You guys are awesome. It must be like Christmas before Christmas. A dream come true moment, and I hope everyone is enjoying this moment to its fullest. Soon you will be joining the best people around the world. I also thought to be in this session, but I think I would join you by next year only.

My greed of scoring high on gmat redirected most of my time to study for gmat and I think, that’s where I lost pace of my app building strategy. Well, I can’t say it was bad, because I gained much more on this side (@work) if not on that side (No GMAT, improved mock score from 480 to 720). And I want a high gmat score to get into the top B-school, so I really can’t just take my chances (*nor I can take too much time).

I think this is the time to take a new year resolution before new year starts, and that is but obvious. All US schools are about to complete their application round 2, but few other top B-schools are still open and I have a chance. But not applying to top US schools would be like an incomplete desire that will always hover into my mind. I want to try and give my best to each listed school at least once. This attraction is forcing me to add one more year to my experience. :/

Well, after all these decisions from B-Schools that came last week, I think now I have friends in elite B-Schools who are going to be “current students” in a few months. 😉 And for them, the next 2 years are going to be crucial, and busiest of all. I wish the best of luck to all the bright minds who got admitted and who are planning for the same.

Come’ on, don’t say thanks!! Help me in my application. Let’s change the world together. 😀

Keep it up guys. You are awesome. 🙂


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