What to accomplish in 2015

So we are already a week ahead of our New Year eve. I am seeing a very few blogs from my friends who got admitted in Round 1, I think they are still in Hangover!! Well, it is the time to be in hangover, but for how long? You people need to start packing soon. 😛 First, all the best to all who have submitted their round 2 applications last week. I hope you all will get the admission for 2017 class. I know the hardest part at this time is clicking the Submit button. After making all your efforts to take the gmat, gathering all the recommendations and documents, writing all the essays, and compiling all parts of the application together, within a click things go out of your control. Then comes the time to just wait and watch. A time full of suspense and one needs to be cautious about each and every move by the school. And then preparing for an interview! Aah! Hard time. Thinking about this, I am feeling very sorry for my friends who were not admitted in Round 1. I know they will come strongest in the coming admission cycle this year, but they have to wait 1 more year. They again have to compile a new application with new spirit and faith. I also have few things to accomplish this New Year. I believe It’s never too late to begin working on your dreams! I have a first and foremost target to take GMAT and score 700+ on it. Most of my concepts for SC, CR, PS, and DS are clear. My major concern is RC, which I will pace with time. Next would be taking TOEFL and scoring 105+. I am not setting a higher target. Being a non-native english speaker, I know how much score I can get. I also have changed my office project assignment recently, which gives me direct opportunity to work on my own developed tool and work with client to get all things managed and completed. I am working under a new manager, so it would be crucial to get the recommendation from him after 6-7 months working under him. I need to keep an eye on the current statistics of the schools as well and keep researching for the new programs. It would be just a casual research, not rigorous! I also need to collect few documents from my under grad university (one of the reasons, to postponed my plans to next year). I have a plan to start a small local e-commerce page. Just drafting the idea! I hope I will complete it soon. Major part will be the implementation. Let’s see how far it goes. I also have a target to walk for 315,000 minutes! No No… I am not running a marathon; it’s just a plan to walk for 30 minutes daily, to keep my body moving. Well, this is the lower limit; above it all minutes are advantage. As you know clock never stops, and we have a 1000 things to accomplish. I think time is really moving very fast!

See!! Just few days left for Next New Year Eve!! :\ aaaa1


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