B-School application process is a very time consuming and tedious task and there is 100% possibility of mistakes and missed points. One of the essential components of MBA application is transcript of the courses that you have taken before going to B-school. Official Transcripts are mandatory component for most of the B-School applications.

Transcript is a document issued by the institutions which provide the degree of any kind. Transcript consist the marks obtained by the student in different subjects during the degree completion. There are 2 types of transcripts: subject wise transcript and semester wise transcript.

Transcripts could be received from the school/university that you have previously attended. It could take a few days to obtain the transcript depending on your university so it is good to obtain it and keep it ready in advance. Keep note that few schools accept transcript issued within a year to the time of application submission therefor get your transcripts accordingly.

Going through few schools admission process and document requirements, I read that few schools have not specified the type of transcript required. I have queried few schools, which were there in my list and came to know that transcript type required for application totally depends upon the school you are applying to. The transcript type required for few schools are listed below (as communicated by schools).

Kelley School Subject Wise Transcript
Duke School Subject Wise Transcript
Darden School Semester Wise Transcript
Tepper School Semester Wise Transcript
Tuck School Subject Wise Transcript
Kellogg School Subject Wise Transcript
Kenan-Flagler School Waiting for response
Anderson School Semester Wise Transcript
McCombs School Subject Wise Transcript
NUS School Neither required. Degree will do!
Schulich School Semester Wise Transcript

I will update the list as soon as I get more information on this!

Documents create a paper reality we call proof! -Mason Cooley


4 thoughts on “Transcripts!

  1. Valuable Information Pro GMAT!!

    Yes, Getting transcript is tedious part. For instance, I reside in bangalore and did my engineering from Anna University Chennai.

    We have to go to university personally or a person whom we authenticate to collect on our behalf. After specifying how many we want in the form they give us to fill and amount to be paid(In Demand Draft). We have to come back after 7 working days to collect the same.

    I had to take leave on 2 working to get them :(.

    P.S: I got the transcripts for few schools to test out my chances in 2013.


    • Yes, the process of getting transcript is more or less the same for all universities. Even I had to travel to my home town taking leave of 5 days specially to collect the transcripts. Our education system still needs some better means of documents delivery.


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