Pick up the list again

It’s been more than 2 months that I have posted here. This blog was meant to be my GMAT/MBA journey book but I was not able to continue it as I shifted my GMAT/MBA goal to next year. I have not posted anything because I was not making any progress on this lane. What I did?

Start of the Year

At the start of the year, I had made some plans to accomplish, but the start was not so good and up-to the mark. I was not able to concentrate for a long time because of some family issue. Then the pressure of the new assignment, that I had taken, was so much that I ended up working 12 hours a day in office and then 4 hours a day at home. After working for a complete day(almost), I was completely exhausted and was getting no courage to open the books for study. Things were pretty out of my hands but I managed to get them in-line now. I was developing a new product and that was based on a language totally new to me. Learning new things was not tough but was time consuming. After researching, learning and securing the future use of the new tech and platform that I was learning, now I am back and I want to concentrate on my GMAT study plan.

All Done

Now I am done with all the platform/technology/vertical change, breakups (which gives much of pain), got back from the tough time that I had within family and I have shifted to a new apartment for some environmental change. I think now I can start studying and move forward to take up my GMAT studies seriously.

Book it now!

Last time I did a mistake of thinking to book the GMAT date after getting a good score in preps, that never happened. But now I think booking a date would be the most important step to move forward. Yes, it makes a difference. This makes you feel that you have a goal to accomplish. I hope I would make my 250 dollar worth spending.

I want to pick up the list again and Black list the GMAT from it. This time will be the  last time. See you with more information, details & results soon!20120708-231518


2 thoughts on “Pick up the list again

    • I have to rethink on my previous strategy and move with a faster pace. The first step was the change of environment, I think it will make a positive difference. I will be posting my progress on this blog! Keep visiting. 🙂

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