To get back what I lost

A few days before I contacted GrantMeAdmission after reading his post and asked him that how he motivated himself to get back to work and his awesome reply forced me to go back to my study table and gather all the knowledge that I left there a few months before. I would like to put some points here from the mail.

Hard Work + Time + Luck = Success

Analyze the factors. You only have control over hard work. ……life is not about those couple of hours or days that you work REALLY REALLY HARD, it’s about a sustained performance of consistently being awesome.

Success Structure

1. Create long term goals (these should be long term, big goals)

2. Create short-term goals (these should be essential steps that will contribute to your long-term goal)

3. Review and write your goals every day

If you add on short-term goals, in which you have DIRECT CONTROL over the success (study # hours, take # tests) you build up your confidence as well as your momentum.

Momentum is EVERYTHING. We are always in a state of momentum… either getting better or getting worse.”

Thanks GrantMeAdmission for such a nice motivational mail. This really gave me a way to move forward and courage to test myself again. Therefor, after taking a long unwanted break of 3 months, I tried to settle down all the negative emotions in my life and I am trying to start studying for GMAT again. I took the diagnostic from Official Guide and the results were devastating. I could not believe that my results were poorer then before. I tried to complete the diagnostic within a day and found that I performed worst in CR and RC. 3 months before, I was scoring 700+ in GMATPrep but now the result is bad. may be I was not giving my 100% in it. I think I have to start putting all the things together again, with a greater force and motivation. I have to concentrate more on my progress.

What have Changed:

  1. I have changed my flat (as mentioned in my previous post)
  2. I have started meditation sessions of 15 minutes every morning after exercise of 30 minutes. I know it makes a difference as I have tried it earlier and there were some good results from meditation!
  3. I have started making flash cards instead of making notes for each and every wrong problem. Cards are helping me better then error-logs.
  4. I have customized my schedule from daily to weekly with reachable goals (hourly).
I don’t know how will I reach there but I have to. I am trying all my possible combinations. There is no other choice! I want to get back what I lost! I am doing nothing but justSTART!



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