Bad start! reschedule.


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What to accomplish in 2015

So we are already a week ahead of our New Year eve. I am seeing a very few blogs from my friends who got admitted in Round 1, I think they are still in Hangover!! Well, it is the time to be in hangover, but for how long? You people need to start packing soon. 😛 Continue reading

Select your Best fit MBA

Thousands of students get their MBA degree from top business schools around the world. A majority of them do it to advance in their career and get the best knowledge with the best fit environment.

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They won it!

Its been a busy month for all, since few of my friends got admitted who were waiting eagerly for the admissions decision and few are still fighting for the gmat (this group includes me as well).

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In search of 7_0

Finally, a score that I would like to see on the GMAT. 720!! Split 49, 40!!

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