Resume preparation is a very crucial task. The early you start , the better it is. Resume gives you the overall idea of your accomplishments and gives you a direction to improve your profile. It also provides the admission committee to see it as a roadmap of your career and accomplishments. So it is necessary to write a well organised resume before presenting it to AdCom. Early resume completion also helps you in writing essays and completing your application on time. Few of the resources/posts/blogs that I have used are mentioned below. Feel free to share any better resource for this purpose.

I searched for some resume resources blogs for getting the main idea that how to write a resume, what would be the format and others. Let’s check.

  1. mbaAdmission: One good post for the initial makeup of this process. Rest all are minor details. Better resources are available.
  2. Admissionando: Read only first there posts if you are preparing your resume.
  3. GMAT Club: Best so far. Lots of resources and experts. And lots of links as well. But you have to explore the best for you in that bunch of information.
  4. Accepted: It is also a good resource for guides on how to create resume.
  5. StacyBlackman: Some nice posts by Stacy on the Resume creation. What to do and what not to. Good Read.

Getting the basics of MBA resume and then starting to build your own territory is what all is needed. Start preparing, its time to show your best!!


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