Select your Best fit MBA

Thousands of students get their MBA degree from top business schools around the world. A majority of them do it to advance in their career and get the best knowledge with the best fit environment.

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Drinks Break on Marathon

Last 3-4 weeks are going like running in a marathon. Consuming every possible information and saving it to the infinite TB of my brain. My hard-disk is revolving like Shaktimaan(an indian superhero). I have taken my CAT exams in past few days but I did not get any +ve results, just because I am studying break-free since last 2-3 weeks. Gotcha!!

I need a break…. Definately.

Time to shift focus from GMAT hard-core studies to resume preparation and University research work. I believe that will help me out (somehow).

Today, I revised complete Number theory. I found GMAT Club Math book a very good resource for revision purpose. I will be keeping it on my desktop for next 2 weeks. I learned a few new techniques in Fractions and others, I hope they will click in my mind during the Armageddon.

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How it started-Part 2- Post Quant

This is part 2 of How it started.

You can find Part 1 here.

I did complete quant but consumed a lot of time because i was busy with some client deliverables. Because of that, office was over charged with lots of extra time to be spent on issues and solving them.

While studying quant I have realised that few questions are very easy to tackle with some small tricks. Like remembering squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots, and some basic formulas.

The GMAT exam is not about what have you studied for the preparation but it’s about your ability to apply some basic and useful steps in general management scenarios. After all you are studying to become an Manager.

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How it started-Part 1- First GMATPrep & tools.

I have taken my first GMAT prep on 26th February. The first score always becomes a surprise as we sometimes have over confidence being from engineering background. I also thought of scoring 600+ (at-least.) but was disappointed.

I managed a score of 540 (Q22, V22, IR6) and really struggled with time to complete the exam. It was tough to complete the exam on time as i had spent more time on few questions and made few silly mistakes which brought my score down.

This score made me think that I have to study much more and I have to work hard to get a 700+ score.

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