What to accomplish in 2015

So we are already a week ahead of our New Year eve. I am seeing a very few blogs from my friends who got admitted in Round 1, I think they are still in Hangover!! Well, it is the time to be in hangover, but for how long? You people need to start packing soon. 😛 Continue reading


In search of 7_0

Finally, a score that I would like to see on the GMAT. 720!! Split 49, 40!!

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Again after an extensive study session, hard work and a lot of paper work, I took another practice test and this time it was 660. Breakup is Q 50, V 30. Well I am not totally disappointed with my score, I am not satisfied though. I was looking for a 700 but the score is moving like a slow movie of 1960s. Its 20+ from my last practice test which I took 3 days before.
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Keep running…

Phew!! A lot of work, tensions, questions, explanations, failures, assignments, understandings, supplements, answers, learnings, rebuilding concepts, juices, exercises, managements, thoughts, reasons, spirits, blessings, and finally a minute view of some sunlight in the darkest.

It always feels like a come back when writing my new thoughts and achievements. A cold deep breath when seeing an improved score on the screen. Exclamation comes like “YES!! Nailed” >:D.
It was a hectic month with over learning but in the end, only one take away: Its all about time!! Yes it is.

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Winter is Coming

Its very dark out tonight, with few resources of light. But I need to reach the destination somehow. Woods have a smell of winter already in its air. The nights are becoming colder and longer. The only source of heat is the chimney inside the house. Final destination is survival and reaching the Throne of Seven Kingdoms. The King’s Landing.

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Change in the Game Plan

Hi Guys,  Its been a while since  I’ve posted my last blog. Yes, I was super busy with official work as well as some mind-blowing results of my practice tests and others. But, now it feels great after putting my thoughts again on the screen with my hands on my keyboard. A lot of things happened in the last week: I scored another mind-blowing score (yes, it blew my mind after the final screen), joined the ISB admissions info-session in my city and tried to be creative with my resume.

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It was a cool rainy day, with more to accomplish less to relinquish.

Yesterday I focused on Number theory and some info on resume. Find it here. Moving forward, today I focused on some basics of Quant and Verbal.

I did some basics review of Factorials, Absolute Values and Algebra Equations.  The formula of the day was to get the number of trailing 0’s in a product or in a factorial. It was nice to learn that new formula. You can get it here.

I solved some Reading Comprehension problems also. Learned how to identify the wrong answers. It is a good technique. The most useful is to make your skeleton of RC of argument and then identify the question type. That will save much of your time.

I also checked my CR strategy giving a quick look at the Manhattan CR Guide.

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