Back to the study table. Starting with 640!

Hey, Last week I started a few new things in my life. That includes shifting from daily targets to weekly targets, 45 minutes of exercise including 15 minutes of yoga, making flash cards instead of notes. I am experimenting with my lifestyle & studies, and these changes are really helping me out.  I have also made a few tweet collections, which I made to study them like flash cards.

What are the results?

It was a busy week, and making weekly targets really helped. I tried to put down the number of hours I studied daily. And then consolidating review of my full week studies on weekends. I repeated all my mistakes and flashcards and completed a few topics (my target was to complete 7 topics last week, but I completed only 5! Looking for more this week). I also took my first Prep after so many days and my result was 640(Q 47,V 31). I think need more topic focused studies and practice.

What’s next?

I am trying to cover all the topics by the end of this week and after that I would be starting with the official material. I have recollected all my materials and refreshed all my excel sheet graphs, updated my Wunderlist with new targets. The Timeline software is really helping me out to keep weekly tracks. Feeling excited to do few new things this week!!

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