An overview of my journey till now! from 540 to 720. Still Counting.

This an overview of my journey till now!
I started bloging in August last year. I had a nice list before getting started for GMAT studies.

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Change in the Game Plan

Hi Guys,  Its been a while since  I’ve posted my last blog. Yes, I was super busy with official work as well as some mind-blowing results of my practice tests and others. But, now it feels great after putting my thoughts again on the screen with my hands on my keyboard. A lot of things happened in the last week: I scored another mind-blowing score (yes, it blew my mind after the final screen), joined the ISB admissions info-session in my city and tried to be creative with my resume.

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How it started-Part 1- First GMATPrep & tools.

I have taken my first GMAT prep on 26th February. The first score always becomes a surprise as we sometimes have over confidence being from engineering background. I also thought of scoring 600+ (at-least.) but was disappointed.

I managed a score of 540 (Q22, V22, IR6) and really struggled with time to complete the exam. It was tough to complete the exam on time as i had spent more time on few questions and made few silly mistakes which brought my score down.

This score made me think that I have to study much more and I have to work hard to get a 700+ score.

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