An overview of my journey till now! from 540 to 720. Still Counting.

This an overview of my journey till now!
I started bloging in August last year. I had a nice list before getting started for GMAT studies.

I took my first GMAT prep on 26th Feb last year and scored 540.
I took my second GMATPrep after studying for 2-3 months and scored 10 points lower! I was studying according to the BTG 2 months study plan but did not get much time to focus. Most of the time went in understanding the test.
Then I started following Manhattan exams and scored 570 in my first exam and screwed the second one with the same score. In between I took Varitas prep and scored 670. It was an easy one with low difficulty. I did not find it up to the level of GMAT as questions were easy and good to go. Then I tried my luck  on next Manhattan exam but it was tough to score more. My score came back to 550. I was stuck there. I wanted some change to score more. I checked my schedule with some experiments. Nothing was working so I Started making excel for checking on errors. After checking error on all my mistakes and studying vigorously for 2 months, I took my next GMATPrep (Old version) and scored 690.
Then unfortunately, I became busy with some official assignment that put me away from studies and on my next GMATPrep I scored just 660. I thought that I will score higher but a gap in studies played its part. I still thought that I could make it, so I started selecting my school list and went on with GMAT studies.
I prepared myself for more and took another prep again after few days. This time I scored 690! with just 10 points behind the 700 mark. I again reviewed all my mistakes and refined my list school list.
Finally the day came when I saw a score of ‘720’ on GMATPrep and that was not enough for me. I wanted higher score, that is why I did not book my date. As I was not getting my score (and few other circumstances) , I postponed my GMAT Exam and admission process to next year.
Suddenly, nothing was right in life. All went bad. And I lost my track of studies.
Thought to fight the battle again and started.
Changed many things and now starting it again with fresh mind and soul.
I made a progress from 540 to 720 in my last part of studies. Will take my GMATPrep to see where I stand now. Next move accordingly.
Wish you luck, if you are trying to make a change! ⭐

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