Change in the Game Plan

Hi Guys,  Its been a while since  I’ve posted my last blog. Yes, I was super busy with official work as well as some mind-blowing results of my practice tests and others. But, now it feels great after putting my thoughts again on the screen with my hands on my keyboard. A lot of things happened in the last week: I scored another mind-blowing score (yes, it blew my mind after the final screen), joined the ISB admissions info-session in my city and tried to be creative with my resume.

I have studied Verbal basics for about a week as I was trying to increase my score on Verbal side. I thought that I would score better than before but I ended up with just a 10 pointer increase in the score, and that made me think that there is some fault within my game plan.

So, I am considering a change in my plan to analyse the practice tests. I have started with making an excel sheet with the analysis of what type of questions are wrongly answered. A click of excel is pasted below. After this, I am trying to identify the major topics, analysing all the questions of that topic that I encountered in all the previous tests, and then identifying where my thinking went wrong (See the screenshot below).


After getting the main flaw in my learning, I am going back to basics and then checking the concepts and questions, that why the particular option is right and wrong!! I am also completing many practice questions after getting the concept. I will analyse all the topics in Quant as well as Verbal for this complete week.

I hope this approach would help me to answer the questions correctly, the next time I sit for the test.

Plan B

About ISB session: It was great to meet the alumni of the school, getting the idea about how it feels being the part of school, and how ISB helped them getting up the ladder in their career. Also admission form queries were resolved, doubts were cleared and got to know some great facts about the school, that makes it unique in my country!!

I am preparing the resume considering my post under-graduation achievements. I am using these resources to get the basic idea of the resume preparation. I have prepared a one page resume and sent it to my seniors and other friends for review. I hope no major changes will be required.

Oh.. I forgot to tell you about my school selection. Ok! I will discuss it in my another post. Keep reading!! 🙂 ⭐


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